The 'Awake' Intensive 

You didn't come here to just follow the crowd, plod along, or just tolerate whatever happens to come your way. You came here as a brave, courageous Warrior - to grow, expand, learn, challenge youtself and deliberately create your experience, because you chose to! So when you're able to wake up to who you REALLY are... you create absolute magic in Life, Love and Business! 

We don't need a long sales page here, because when you know, you KNOW! 

So, are you: 

 ⭐ Impatient (like me) and wanting to jump in and get things moving as quickly as possible, because an hour a week or a longer package just...takes...too...long?!!!

Needing a different outlook and perspective and desperate to find something that actually makes sense and works for you? (More than just, "think positive")

⭐ Fed up of struggling somehow with life / love / business and needing to get unstuck and FINALLY move forwards?  

⭐Wanting to finally understand yourself and your life challenges? (Too many to count? I know how that one goes!)

⭐Yearning to find the hidden meaning behind what you have been through so far?  

⭐Ready to understand your next steps and EXACTLY what you need and how to take action?  

⭐Needing closure in some way? Or maybe some clarity?  

⭐Ready to understand and work through your stuckness - fears, limitations, blocks, baggage, memories, upsetting life events or whatever is there, and to FINALLY release them?  

⭐Feeling pulled to go deeper and unlock your hidden gems, because it's now time?!!!  

⭐None of the above, but just plain curious and you feel excited or intrigued (even if not sure why exactly) I always listen to that nudge and it never fails me!


(and yes, I get it! It can be thrilling or scary, or both!)  

So, allow me to introduce...  

 The 'Awake' Intensive!

A full day working together 1:1 where:  

🔥We meet in person (or online if you can't get to London) and go through life events / blocks / challenges / whatever is needed, to get you moving and feeling on track, at last!  

🔥We problem solve, clear out, release, let go, get you feeling empowered, aligned, full of clarity and tapped into an awareness of YOU, deeper than you've gone before!  

🔥We work out practical next steps for you, whether that's in your personal life, business or creative project. We break it all down so there's a clear plan. No more walking around in the dark!  

🔥You'll leave, equipped with tools you can use for yourself, as and when you need.  

🔥We'll embrace any uncertainty or doubts together and you'll feel safe facing them and busting through it - it's one of my absolute superpowers!  

There might be tears (the good, releasing kind) There will definitely be laughs. You will FEEL & BELIEVE & KNOW the truth.  

You'll walk away feeling DIFFERENT! LIGHTER than ever before! STRONGER than ever before! More YOU than ever before! AWAKE! 🔥🔥🔥  

The day is tailor made, just for you (I LOVE creating unique things for unique people) and will be based on exactly what you need.  

I have so many amazing approaches which I am fully equipped to draw from - coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, a variety of therapeutic & healing methods, EFT, my own intuition and clairsentience, card readings, numerology and others - when blended together, IT IS ONE, POWERFUL COMBINATION! 🔥(If I may say so myself! And I can, because it's true!)  

An 'Awake' Intensive is not only deeply transformational, but is also SO MUCH FUN! Because life is to be enjoyed NOW, not later!  

So if you want to get laser focused for an entire day, with no more time wasting, this one is for you. 

We'll round off the day with a celebratory drink because believe me... you will be READY to celebrate by the time we're done!  

Choose from 2 options...

SPECIFIC! ❤ We can focus in on specific areas and go deep into those (to be determined beforehand, to make full use of our day together) - life / love / business related.

SPONTANEOUS! ❤ We can do a "go with the flow and see what comes up" kind of day! Powerful, in its own unique way.

Whichever transformatonal option you choose, spending an entire day on YOU, is a deliciously powerful and magical thing! 

Awake Intensives are deeply transformational and cover a variety of aspects - we're wonderfully complex creatures, after all, right?! 

Mental ❤

Mindset is everything (obviously!) - what we think, believe, focus on and how we approach it all. But we can do MUCH more than just think positively! That's where it all gets really interesting...

Emotional ❤

Emotions are incredibly important and when used correctly can be a powerful guiding force. We'll go deep, release, process, learn what's needed! AMAZING things come from this.

Spiritual ❤

To truly transform things and get you to feel awake to who you really are, we need to connect to soul and get you to REMEMBER! So that's exactly what we'll do! 

Strategy ❤

Inner work is most important, but we also need to TAKE ACTION! So we can plan, build, create, whatever the next steps are, so that you implement the shifts and actually move yourself forward!

3 steps for your Awake Intensive:

STEP 1: Click below and enter your contact details, so I can send your booking info and a welcome pack for you to complete and return.

STEP 2: We'll jump on a call together to fine tune the details, and will co-create your Awake Intensive (also allowing room on the day for any spontanous downloads and interesting twists!) 

STEP 3) We'll meet for your Awake Intensive and enjoy a day of incredible shifts, transformations and fun!

The Awake Intensive is held at a London venue (to be confirmed once booked but will take place in uplifting surroundings, of course!) It includes an entire day, lunch and refreshments, plus one 30 minute 1:1 follow up call. Investment: £997 


"Wake up to who you REALLY are & create magic in Life, Love & Business" 

- Marie Fleming 

Founder of Awake with Passion / Creativity Coach, Spiritual Strategist, Life Path Guide & Therapist (with a twist!)