Dynamic Essence & Energy Profiling (D.E.E.P)

Forget those personality tests and oh-so-sensible models that try and squeeze you into a convenient little box! Did you know… you can find out about your Essence, what makes YOU unique, the magical energy that sits within your heart and soul, accumulated from LONG ago, and what you came to this life to experience?! We are ALL here to walk a certain path in life and whether we choose to step into our purpose and core energy is very much up to us...  

First, we have to go D.E.E.P!  

We've all tried a "what kind of person am I?" kind of quiz, followed a certain model or taken some kind of test, to try and get some answers or even a hint of the truth... We remember something distant, or have this feeling inside that there's more. We try hard to discover who we are, or attempt to cram ourselves into a category that will surely fit and make sense, at last! BUT, it doesn't quite fit - we're messier than that!  

Each and every one of us has a unique blueprint which is specific to ONLY us, our core essence and our energy. So we simply don't fit into a neat little package! (Who wants to anyway, especially when we KNOW we're here to be different somehow.) So how do we figure out who we REALLY are? We need to go D.E.E.P... and this is exactly what Dynamic Essence & Energy Profiling is all about!  

Why does this matter?  

If you have that restless, niggling feeling that you're here for something more, OR you're currently experiencing self-doubt / uncertainty / confusion, OR, you've hit some kind of a block in your life, your business, your creativity, it ABSOLUTELY matters! If you don't know yourself (and I mean truly know yourself) it can make everything seem like one, uphill struggle after another. It's so hard to step up, go courageously out into the world and do what's in your heart and soul (and do it well!), without a very strong sense of the amazingness inside of you, what you came here to experience and the path you're destined to walk!  

Your Dynamic Essence & Energy Profile...

So...for those of you who feel called to know more and dive D.E.E.P - your Dynamic Essence & Energy Profile awaits! I've created a powerful one-to-one session, using my skills, tools and intuition (part of MY core essence!) to get you tapped into yourself, in ways that are likely to delight and surprise you! After discovering more about your Essence and your Energy, and having a deep dive consultation with me (which will be fascinating, fun and uniquely transformational), you will feel inspired and on track, oozing with confidence and clarity. I carry out my Profiling using a range of different tools, with one in particular which may blow your mind!  

Sounds amazing and a bit too good to be true? I totally get it. Watch the video below where I explain what the hell this is all about and I share my own experience...  

What happens in a D.E.E.P 1:1 session? 

Quite simply... MAGIC! You will discover the path you're here to walk, what lies deep within the core of you, areas in need of focus, natural gifts and talents and so much more... We'll cover your personal energy for 2019, spiritual guidance, practical guidance and coaching where needed. We'll dig deeper and get you tapped into your Essence in a BIG way! We'll spend time focusing on YOU and will clear the path for you to move forwards, in whichever way you need. And we'll have fun doing it! This...is...POWERFUL stuff! **This incredible session is online and recorded for you to keep**

The D.E.E.P session is perfect to get you moving, or back on track, in a BIG, meaningful way - great if you're not wanting to tie yourself into a longer coaching package right now! But more than that... It's to help you WAKE UP & REMEMBER who you truly are! 

Dynamic Essence & Energy Profiling is ideal for you if...

You're unsure!

If you're lacking clarity or direction, you feel unsure of what you want to do in the world or even what really matters to you, going D.E.E.P will provide massive self awareness and amazing lightbulb moments.

An excellent way to get you kick-started! 

You're about to venture out...

If you've decided to go for it, you've got a good idea about your mission and purpose and are about to venture out, going D.E.E.P will provide you with valuable confirmation and confidence and will ensure that you're on the right track, creating a solid foundation and strategy for success. 

A powerful way to alleviate self-doubt and limitations!

You're doing something meaningful already...

You may be out there already, creating, making waves, pushing yourself forwards and even hitting a certain level of achievement or success. It's very natural that sooner or later you'll eventually hit a wall / block / obstacle / limitation - it's all part of the wonderful journey, but yes, it can be frustrating! Going D.E.E.P uncovers your hidden layers, and teaches you about areas to focus on and overcome, so you can pick up momentum, even more powerfully this time. 

Perfect for uplevelling and stepping out in a bigger and bolder way!

None of these apply, but you're excited, curious and feel drawn to it!

Quite simply, this is for you, too! If something about Dynamic Essence and Energy Profiling excites you, follow your intuition...

You never know where this might lead you!

D.E.E.P Sessions are £165 

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What are people saying? 

"Wow!!! That all resonates really strongly!!! I'm going to read it again later, it amazed me...Thank you!!"

- Susie Bridges

"Thanks for this, there are many things that ring true, scary!!!!"  

- Victor Trocki  

"I've just started reading that numerical chart. Wow. The first one is just so damn accurate, it’s scary. That’s quite mind boggling to be honest. This is amazing and incredibly accurate. Wow is all I can say" 

  - Devin Clarke  

"I think it was an interesting read and something that provokes much thought. I will keep referring back to it to remind me of the possibilities and as something to help when I am doubting myself ." - Samantha Piecha  

I’m normally pretty skeptical of things like this, as I feel that things like horoscopes are always carefully worded so that most people feel that they apply to them. Having said that, most of what you write does resonate with me."  

- Martyn Hamer

"To be honest I kind of agreed with the whole thing. It’s scarily accurate. There wasn’t anything in particular I disagree with!"

- Alexander Tadj Saadat  


"I certainly resonated with a lot of it and it felt like a nice way to provide confidence, security and support to things that my gut instinct is telling me needs to be my focus in life. It’s almost like something else confirming what I feel is my life path which gives more confidence. I’ll be sure to read it again when I’m having doubting moments, so my general feeling is one of pleasant surprise!"

 – Nikkie Wignall  


"I’m normally pretty skeptical of things like this, as I feel that things like horoscopes are always carefully worded so that most people feel that they apply to them. Having said that, most of what you write does resonate with me."

- Martyn Hamer

"Wow that’s crazy. It’s so accurate…"

- Claire Burns

"Marie is extremely gentle and loving but her work and teachings are game changing and transformational"

- Darryl Anne Mooney

"Wake up to who you REALLY are & create magic in Life, Love & Business" 

- Marie Fleming 

Founder of Awake with Passion / Creativity Coach, Spiritual Strategist, Life Path Guide & Therapist (with a twist!)

**Early 2019 special offer... D.E.E.P Sessions are £165 but for January & February are available for only £111! 

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